About Blue Fork Marketing

Based in Baltimore, MD, Blue Fork Marketing is a boutique marketing firm passionate about bringing strategic creativity to life for food and beverage, lifestyle, real estate, and hospitality brands. Working closely with its clients, Blue Fork Marketing believes the best type of marketing is integrated marketing, where strategies such as social media, public relations, and web design, work together to creatively tell a brand's story and ultimately grow their business.

A creative, influencer, and professional in Baltimore, Dave Seel knows the marketing and promotion business better than many. He wears all the hats at Blue Fork and is committed to making marketing cost-effective for all of his clients. Having worked with a variety of brands and in multiple industries, Dave brings a deep passion for helping businesses reach their growth goals through integrated marketing strategies.

Before founding Blue Fork Marketing, Dave worked as the Director of Marketing and Public Relations for Baltimore’s Bagby Restaurant Group from 2012-2016, where he successfully managed all marketing, public relations, and social media strategies forthe group’s multiple restaurant and hospitality brands.

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